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Welcome to Africa!

New Frontiers Tours is a full service Inbound Tour Operator and Ground Handler offering exceptional expertise and advice for travel to Southern Africa. Specialising in both tailor-made and group travel, the company prides itself on combining properties in memorable locations with extraordinary experiences, complemented by full on-the-ground support.


New Frontiers is owned, managed and driven by passionate and highly knowledgeable travel experts with a natural curiosity for exploration and a love for Africa, its people and its places. It draws on years of experience and an intimate knowledge of the sub-continent to offer a highly personalised travel service.


While this website illustrates the services at which we excel, it cannot adequately portray the enormous pride and enthusiasm our team takes in ensuring each and every one of our arrangements receives a level of personal involvement and care which is reflected in the itinerary's attention-to-detail.

Destination Africa

From breathtaking and remote wilderness areas to vibrant cities, from endless beaches to rugged mountain peaks, from the pulsating energy of a traditional market to the silence of some of the world's most iconic deserts...Africa is a continent like no other!

We take pride in offering a selection of extraordinary southern African countries and destinations that each boast their own character and unique qualities while perfectly complementing each other as part of a broader travel itinerary.

Meet the (Dream) Team

When it comes to planning and creating dream holidays it has as much to do with the beauty of the destination as it does the quality, enthusiasm and energy of the people tasked with building the itineraries and ensuring that all arrangements run as seamlessly as possible. Because of this the staff at New Frontiers is undoubtedly its most important and valued asset. Comprising young, well-travelled and dedicated consultants there is an overwhelming sense of pride that goes into each and every request.

Clients are assured of intelligent and unbiased consulting advice and personal attention to detail. We know what works and we're passionate about designing unforgettable African escapes.


From the management team, with over 70 years of combined travel expertise in South and southern Africa, through to the consultants, guides and support staff we pride ourselves on having built a close-knit team focused on giving our clients the absolute best advice and assistance.

The New Frontiers Difference